KERV, ‘Forbes’ Launch Shoppable Video For Advertisers

Forbes is working with KERV Interactive, a digital ad video platform, to create branded and shoppable content on

Forbes is the first business media publisher to work with the Austin-based tech company.

The partnership means Forbes can offer advertisers an opportunity to market individual products throughout a video. Viewers can click on different items in a video, such as a pair of pants someone is wearing. A small window pops up in the video with shoppable links or additional information on that item.

Forbes can also pull in other videos and social-media links outs from one video experience.

Working with KERV, Forbes aims to increase engagement and time spent with content, while increasing shoppability for branded content and video ads.

“In a test, Forbes-produced content averaged click-through rates more than double the industry standard,” according to KERV, including higher click-through rates than the standard for video pre-roll ads.