‘Vogue,’ Neiman Marcus Create Interactive Holiday Video Campaign

Neiman Marcus teamed with Vogueand Conde Nast to create an interactive, shoppable holiday video campaign with KERV Interactive, in partnership with Mastercard.

The video, called “A Night at Neiman’s,” features actress Taraji P. Henson, who becomes trapped in a Neiman Marcus store overnight. As Henson cycles through her night in the store and shops its various departments, interactive screens — eight in all — become available for viewers to shop the items from each scene.

Users can gain information about items and more without leaving the campaign’s or Vogue’s webpage. Essentially, the interactive video becomes a part of each brand’s website.

The campaign creates a unique opportunity to monetize individual products. To date, it reports a click-through rate of over 3.25 with a 37% interaction rate.

KERV worked with Neiman Marcus to identify products to activate. As a result, the three-minute video boasts over 100 points of engagement and click-through URLs, producing both action-based brand engagements and object-level consumer intelligence insights.

The technology creates an all-in-one user experience within a video that echoes a website-like experience, while quickly identifying, highlighting, describing and linking out every object or image that exists in a video and creating unique URLs for each product. The process uses AI and machine learning to identify images at the object-level, allowing for more specific data.

Source: MediaPost