Fisher & Paykel Leans Into Interactive Video

Fisher & Paykel, a leading manufacturer of premium kitchen, outdoor and laundry appliances, recently launched an interactive video campaign to drive awareness and purchase intent for their premium indoor & outdoor appliances.

Fisher & Paykel is driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced and efficient appliances in the world, and their marketing strategy echoes the same innovative and unique approach to connecting with their customers. The New England Appliances and Electronics Group, a buying cooperative and partner to F&P, brought KERV Interactive to the table to drive awareness of their game-changing DCS Series 9 Grill & Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Packages utilizing a new interactive video strategy.

KERV’s patented technology is wrapped on existing videos and creates immediate dimension by enabling every product in every scene to be interactive. As a consumer is watching a video on their phone/laptop, they can easily tap to learn more about a specific product, the features of it, or click to find a retailer nearby – all from within the video.

“What I love about the KERV technology is it allows consumers to connect with our brand in new and innovative ways from our existing video content. It is partnerships like this that continue to drive our brand forward.” said Stephanie Santini, Regional Sales Manager, Fisher & Paykel

In our Kitchen campaign we focused on the design, product features, and versatility of the line. When you tap on the refrigerator it called out the ActiveSmart (TM) Foodcare technology, and if you rolled over the DishDrawer (TM), which is the world’s first and only dishwasher in a drawer, you learn that it was specifically designed to make people’s lives easier. In the Outdoor campaign we highlighted the premium features on the Series 9 Grill, like the Charcoal Smoker Tray, Intuitive Lighting Controls, the rotisserie burner, and the secondary cooking area.

In each of the video campaigns there was an average of 5 engagements per unique user, over a 2% interaction rate (over 150% higher than the vertical’s benchmark), and a 200% higher than industry standard CTR (Click Through Rate). Those who engaged within the KERV’d experience spent more than double the asset length interacting with the brand. In addition to the media performance, KERV unpacked 10+ new proprietary metrics around user behaviors, scene level insights down to the object level, specific product interests, and consumption trends across platforms that were all used to optimize the campaigns for success.

“At NEAEG we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach potential customers and support our members. When we brought KERV Interactive to Fisher & Paykel, they could immediately foresee the possibilities. Our joint campaign using KERV’s cutting-edge technology not only performed better than previous digital campaigns, it gave us a ton of new data and insights on our audience – like what products/features within the F&P video they were interested in, and which devices drove the highest engagement. The team at KERV is professional, prepared and thorough – but best of all, they’re fun to work with,” said Shelley Kanther, Marketing & Digital Strategy Consultant, NEAEG

About Fisher & Paykel 

Founded in New Zealand in 1934, the Fisher & Paykel design heritage has been founded on a pioneering spirit and culture of curiosity that challenges conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored for human needs. Fisher & Paykel and DCS incorporate innovative technologies driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced and efficient appliances, designed with real life in mind.

About NEAEG 

The New England Appliance & Electronics Group (NEAEG) is a cooperative buying, warehousing, distribution, and marketing organization, consisting of over 110 independent retailers and nearly 160 storefronts — and growing! Our goal is to help the Independent Appliance Retailer compete everyday by providing the most competitive pricing through collaborative vendor partnerships, as well as merchandising, operations, and advertising expertise and resources for our members.

ABOUT KERV Interactive 

KERV is a digital advertising platform built on cutting-edge patented technology that identifies objects by their pixel edges in any video stream. Leveraging breakthrough Machine Learning techniques, KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension, and objects within a video just as the natural eye does. This enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers.

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